National Burger Day 2023 USA

National Burger Day 2023 USA! Today the United States peoples are also Ready to Celebrate National Burger Day. Every Year, on 28th May the United States peoples also celebrate Burger Day 2023. Dear Friend, Hamburger was further shortened to a burger by the 1930s, by which time the food was already popular in the US. In 2012. Americans eat over 50 billion burgers a year, so it’s only fitting we set aside a whole day for these special sandwiches.

Dear friend, you know that Burger Day was established by Mr. Hyde to celebrate their favorite food and all the places they’ve sampled that make them. Everywhere you can find deals or free burgers for National Hamburger Day on May 28.

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How do people celebrate National Burger Day?

” Burger naming contest.

” Bring a burger.

” Try a dessert burger.

” Hold a slider party.

” You can make friends with salad.

” Don’t forget the Vegans and Vegos.

Quirkiest places that do the best burgers:

If you haven’t already been to Five Guys Burger and Fries, it’s the place to be – there are many London locations.

Ever heard of the Chicken Doughnut burger? Well, Bird in London is the place to go.

The Hot Mess burger from Nolita Cantina – an American burger place in Liverpool.

The Pancake burger at Annie’s Burger Shack & Freehouse in Nottingham.

Manchester’s finest new Grafene restaurant has the Goat Burger engrossed with goat’s cheese.

Get down to have The Peanut Butter and Jam burger at Newcastle’s Fat Hippo Underground.

Handmade Burger Company – hand-cooked meat filling burgers that leave you stuffed for the day!

The London’s Breakfast Club have launched just for today there very own Pork, Kale, and Egg Burger!

Ed’s Diner at Westfield (located in Debenhams) – burgers, cheesy fries, and shakes – you can’t go wrong!

Burger King – the Chicken Royale with cheese and jalapeños burger.

KFC – get a Zinger Tower Meal – for all you potato lovers, hash brown and the chicken zinger burger is for you!

Or even the Zinger Stacker if you’re feeling hungry for a double fillet.

McDonald’s say it’s “luxury in a bun” so go for the meaty Signature Collection burgers!

National Burger Day Fun Facts

The hamburgers became famous in the US after the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair.

The biggest hamburger ever was made by the Black Bear Resort Casino in Minnesota, weighing over a ton with a diameter of 10 feet.

About sixty percent of all sandwiches sold are hamburgers.

There is a “Hamburger Hall of Fame” situated in Seymour, Wisconsin.

Among the most expensive hamburgers is The FleurBurger at Fleur de Lys in Las Vegas and is served with the 1990 bottle of Chateau Petrus, costing $5,000 in total.

McDonald’s sells just over 75 hamburgers each second.

Hamburgers were called “Liberty Sandwiches” during World War I.

The oldest burger chain is the White Castle, founded in 1921 by Walter A Anderson and E.W. Ingram. Their first burger was sold for a nickel.

The Big Mac sold for 49 cents in 1968, the year it was introduced.

In ’96, MacDonald’s tried to introduce the “Arch Deluxe” burger with the most expensive advertising campaign ever, but it failed soon after.

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