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World Food Day 2019

World Food Day 2019. Food is the most Popular Eating in the World. There are many peoples are lives Food. So, the World Peoples are Successfully Celebrate the Special Day Which name is World Food Day. In this Year, 16th October World Food Day 2019. This is day dedicated to create awareness about food. Today this Peoples knows to the importance about food and is also the founding day of Food and Agriculture Organization. Food is the most important. You eating some food your health get very good.

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World Food Day Status

“Always respect food because you are extremely fortunate to have it served to you…. Happy World Food Day.”

“Not everyone is as blessed as us to have food on our plates…. Thank God and thank the farmer on World Food Day.”

“The special occasion of World Food Day is there to remind us that we must never waste food and always consume it with gratitude in our hearts.”

“Warm wishes on World Food Day…. Let us thank the Almighty for giving us food each and every day.”

World Food Day Whatsapp Status

“Ask a hungry man the importance of food and then you would know how precious it is…. Happy World Food Day.”

“All the hard work we do, all the money we earn is primarily because of food and therefore, value every meal you get…. Happy World Food Day.”

“What comes easy to us, we often fail to appreciate it…. Don’t let that happen to food because it is the most valuable thing in life…. Warm wishes on World Food Day.”

“World Food Day reminds each one of us that food is importance and precious…. Value it and not waste it.”

World Food Day Whatsapp Status Messages

“Before wasting food always think of a hungry man who could have been fed with it…. Happy World Food Day.”

“Let us promise ourselves to never waste food and always thank God for the food we have been blessed with…. Happy World Food Day.”

“Warm wishes on World Food Day to you…. Food is what we all need and therefore, food is what we all must respect.

“World Food Day reminds us to eat healthy and stay healthy, to never waste food…. Warm wishes on this special day to you.”

Food Day Facebook Status Messages

“Let us join our hands in this fight against hunger…. Let us eat food responsibly so that we don’t waste it…. Happy World Food Day.”

“Never ever forget to respect food because we are just lucky to have it and we must appreciate that…. Happy World Food Day.”

“Before wasting food, just think of the farmer who puts in so much of hard work each day to make it available to us…. Warm wishes on World Food Day.”

“Wishing a very Happy World Food Day to everyone…. Eat but don’t waste because there are many out there hungry and starving.”

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