Doodle for Google 2022

Welcome to Doodle for Google 2022! This annual Google Doodle contest is back, and with it comes a new batch of contest winners. The contest, run in the US since 2008, highlights some of the most creative and talented people, as winners’ doodles are featured on Google Doodle.

It is free to enter and available to the majority of the public. Although Google Doodles can sometimes seem like random variations on the Google logo on a website, they usually celebrate a significant event or historical figure. Doodles vary in design, but they usually incorporate the usual Google logo characters.

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What is the Google Doodle Contest?

Google Doodle is an annual art competition, open to all students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. If you are one of the contest winners, your artwork will be featured on and potentially win scholarships and packages for school.

According to Google Doodle, the contest “gives students K-12 the opportunity to showcase their own doodle creativity on and win some great prizes while doing it!”

National Winner Google Doodle 2022

The national winner’s artwork will be displayed on for 24 hours. The winner will also get:

A $30,000 college scholarship
A $50,000 technology package for their school/non-profit organization
Google hardware
Fun Google merchandise

Four National Finalists

The are four national finalists, they will have their Doodles shown on the Doodle for Google gallery. Each national finalist will receive:

A $5,000 college scholarship
Google hardware
Fun Google merchandise
54 State and Territory Winners
There are 54 state and territory winners, they will have their Doodles displayed on the Doodle for Google gallery, and will also get:

Google hardware
A congratulations message from Google
Fun Google merchandise

How Can I Apply for the Next Google Doodle Competition?

This competition is now closed. Google said that those interested in participating in the Doodle for Google 2023 contest should bookmark the Doodle for Google website for updates on the 2023 contest, which will open for submissions again this winter.

According to Google Doodle, “Artwork entries from students K-12 are welcome from parents, teachers, non-profits and after-school programs.

“When teachers and after-school programs enter Doodles on behalf of their students, the entry form must be signed by each student’s parent or guardian. Teachers may enter more than one Doodle at a time, but only one original Doodle per student. Channel, $50,000 regardless of entry. The technology award will go to the winning student’s school.”

In addition to the US contest, Doodle for Google contests are held in other countries throughout the year.

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